Primerica Video Backdrop  
Primerica Video Backdrop

Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, all of us are looking at new ways to conduct our business. One of the technologies that has been available to us for quite some time is fast become a new standard: Video Conferencing! Perhaps you have noticed even televised media are allowing their reporters to give news reports from their own homes. Video Conferencing technology had progressed so much from even a few years ago, people can easily produce a broad quality video with very little equipment, usual a smart phone or laptop along with a bit of good lighting.  Mount the backdrop behind where you will seated, move your camera so it fills the screen image, and you are ready to broadcast, record, or tele-conference!

We are now proud to offer a Primerica Video Backdrop in 3 various sizes and two base colors that feature a "Step and Repeat" pattern of the Primerica logo, just like you've seen used for major sporting  event interviews.

The backdrops are made of a high quality indoor/outdoor heavy duty vinyl and has grommets for using "Command: style removable taped hooks (not supplied).  The backdrop can be permanently or temporarily mounted for repeated uses.

The Video Backdrop is available in three different sizes to suit any need.

5 Feet Wide by 3 Feet Tall - $85.00
5 Feet Wide by 5 Feet Tall - $135.00
8 Feet Wide by 5 Feet Tall - $220.00

Please allow 5 business days for us to produce this decal for you, plus time for shipping to you. 

Price: $85.00


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